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At the beginning of the 1950s, the Zhongjie estate farmed on 6,000 ha of land. The basic grown crops were grain (70%) and cotton (30%).

In January 1956, Marshal Chu Te was promised material assistance during his visits to Prague, Karlovy Vary and Vinařice.

On 22 February 1956, the Czechoslovak government approved a gift in the form of mechanised farm equipment worth 7.9 million Czechoslovak crowns, today the equivalent of about CZK 18.3 million (EUR 680,000). In July 1956, the estate was renamed Estate of Chinese-Czechoslovak Friendship.

The gift was handed over at a ceremony in May 1956, and included: 15 Zetor 25 devices, 10 Zetor Super wheel devices, 10 Zetor Super belt devices, 70 H303 pulling vehicles, 5 VS3 trucks, 1 mobile workshop, ploughs, seed harrows, cylinders, cultivators, spreaders, seeders, collecting machines and grain grinders.

Most of the machines were taken out of operation within one year, due to the low qualifications of operating personnel, bad quality of used oils and insufficient protection of the mechanisms against weather effects.

Cooperation with then Czechoslovakia faded following the Chinese-Soviet dispute at the start of the 1960s.

The Chinese-Czechoslovak Friendship Town, located in Hebei Province, 240 km south-east of Beijing and 80 km east of Cangzhou, has about 50,000 inhabitants.

The site underwent major industrialisation in the 1970s. Farming activities were de-prioritised, and oil drilling and industrial production became the most important activities.

The agricultural system in Hebei Province was reformed in 2003, and the Town of Chines-Czechoslovak Friendship was annexed by the Cangzhou Coastal Development Zone.

In 2007, the site was integrated into the new Bohai zone, and the official name was changed to Chin-Ches Industrial Park. However, the previously established name Town of Chinese-Czechoslovak Friendship is still used.

In the 1980s, relations warmed between China and Czechoslovakia.

Even the regime change in Czechoslovakia and its later division into the independent Czech Republic and Slovakia did change anything about the interest of the town, which wants to become the gateway for Czech and Slovak imports to China and a bridge for Chinese export to the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The town wants to take advantage of its strategic position in the Gulf of Bohai, 30 km from the port of Huanghua.

The anticipated future development of the region led to a decision to expand the Town of Chinese-Czechoslovak Friendship and build the new city of Huanghua for one million people. So far in 2014, a Prague square has been built there, which remotely resembles a replica of Old Town Square in Prague. There is also a plan to build a copy of the Charles Bridge with an artificial channel representing the Vltava.

This is a municipality with 300 people. It is located 6 km south-east from Mladá Boleslav. The first mentions of Vinařice date back to 1227. Its dominant feature is its Renaissance château. On 24 April 1953, the municipality established official ties with the village of Chang-kuo-chuan near Beijing.

This cooperation remains became an example for the later Czechoslovak material assistance for what became known as the Town of Chinese-Czechoslovak Friendship.

"Chinese-Czech friendship has its roots in our estate, where a seed of friendship has been planted."

"Now it needs for its successors from both countries to cultivate it, take care of it and reap the harvest of this friendship."

"In our estate, you will enjoy a calm atmosphere of friendship."

"We await and welcome Czech friends. Our Estate will be a home for them, too."


Establishment of the Sino-Czech-Slovak Friendship Farm

In 1956, Czechoslovak comrades gave their Chinese friends a gift worth 7.9 million Czechoslovak crowns


At the farm on a weekday

In 2011, the Czech pavilion from the World Exhibit in Shanghai bought the Estate for 1 million euros.


Sino-Czech-Slovak Friendship Farm - a place for life

Development of the new city Huanghua, which will include a Prague square and Charles Bridge replica


Vinařice - partner of Czech farmers

A municipality in Mlada Boleslav region that was the first to lend a hand to the newly born People’s Republic of China following their own successful collectivization in 1950’s


Invitation to visit the Town

A discussion between the president of the Sino-Czech-Slovak Friendship Farm and a teacher and foreign expert familiar with the development of the new city of Hunghua, Mr Tomáš Václav František Jirsák Havran

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